On Thanksgiving of 2013, the City of Fairhope’s Flower Clock was installed at the intersection of Veteran’s Drive, Main Street, North Section Street and County Road 104, next to Saint James’ Episcopal Church. The original idea was offered by Mayor Tim Kant who had always wanted to install one. After COPA’s Jumpin’ Jubilee fundraising project, members of the Committee On Public Art voted to help fund one. Working with Mayor Kant and members of the City Council, COPA provided the design and mechanism for the clock and the city provided the flowers, under the supervision of City Public Works Superintendent Jennifer Fidler. The city owns and maintains the property and has added sidewalks, parking spaces, lighting, watering and additional landscaping.


The Fairhope Committee on Public Art (COPA) is a committee of the Eastern Shore Art Association, Fairhope, Alabama. Its purpose is to develop and implement a long-range plan to aquire works of art of the highest quality and to make visible Fairhope's long-standing interest in and support of the arts.

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Eastern Shore Art

The 2007 "ART TAKES FLIGHT", a temporary art installation in Fairhope featuring 72 artistically - decorated pelicans, each sponsored by businesses or individuals, was COPA's most "wildly successful" fundraiser to date.

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Jumpin Jubilee was COPA's 2011 temporary art project. Crabs, shrimp and flounder were decorated, reconfigured and embellished by artists for display in Fairhope before being sold at "Catch of the Day Auction". All bay creatures were taken home by happy purchasers and the auction was a true jubilee....

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Clay Swanzy


Dr. E. M. Toler


Cile McNeese


Jim Gambill


Jolane Edwards


The Fairhope Public Art Trail includes these unique pieces funded by COPA and created by distinguished artists from all across the country. Click an image below for more information.

"Elan Vital"

by John Medwedeff

"The Dolphin Family"

by Jim Sardonis

"Generating Readers"

by Brad Morton

"Mullet Run"

by Ameri'ca Jone's


by Bruce Larsen

"Hospital Fish"

by Bruce Larsen

"Craig Sheldon"

by Stephen Spears


by Leonard Cave

COPA joined the Eastern Shore Art Association in raising funds for the art center's education, outreach and public art projects. Participants were asked to dress 'Southern' creative.

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COPA accomplishes the placement of outstanding works of art throughout Fairhope for residents and visitors not only through its various fundraisers but through the generosity of individuals like you.


Please send your contribution to

COPA, c/o

Eastern Shore Art Center

401 Oak Street

Fairhope, AL 36532.

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